About Rusty Bucket

Rusty Bucket is a snack/convenience store located just off the main lobby in the Committee of 100 Cafeteria building. Rusty Bucket is the venue to purchase food items that may be taken out of the cafeteria.

Rusty Bucket began in 2001 with the name "Knights Kash" (sports mascot). It was designed to replace the old 'sign-up for a sack meal' program and as a method to increase the overall value of meal plans to dormitory students. The original intent was for Rusty Bucket to offer food service outside of the normal breakfast, lunch and supper meal. Rusty Bucket has seen many changes and updates over the years and in August 2010 the store was moved out of the kitchen space into its current 900 square foot location (formerly known as the Fisher Dining Room).

Before Rusty Bucket began the only other campus food service outlet was the University Bookstore. Since Rusty Bucket's inception there have been annual sales reaching $250,000. Rusty Bucket has become a 'branded' part of Southwestern Adventist University and has become much more than it's 'meal replacement' roots. 

Rusty Bucket sells a wide variety of food, snacks, and beverages. All items are sold ala' carte (sold individually) with pricing that is comparible to any other convenience store.