Southwestern Adventist University has an operating philosophy of being an affordable Seventh-day Adventist institution. The food service department operates by the same philosophy. Beginning in August 2011 Southwestern's meal plans will be the most beneficial, trend-setting, and student-oriented meal plans offered to any student at any SDA college or university.


  • To provide a standard of operation that is universally acceptable and nutritionally adequate for the student, as recommended by the National Food and Nutrition Board, the Texas State Health Department, and according to Christian principles of healthful living.
  • To provide menus that adequately meet the requirements of the Nationally Recommended Daily Allowance of nutrients for all persons served. To provide a lacto-ovo vegetarian menu.
  • In alignment with our SDA health message the noon meal is the main meal of the day Monday through Saturday. Supper (the normal dinner period) is generally lighter fare than what is offered at the noon meal.
  • To prepare and serve attractive, appetizing meals according to accepted standards of prevailing culture. While it is understood that this is a fast food generation we purposefully strive to bring a well-rounded and varied menu to the students of SWAU. While the menu does provide some ethnic influences the overall design is “Americanized” food.
  • To ensure the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation.
  • To operate within a mutually agreed upon financial budget based on local prevailing meal and labor cost figures.
  • To manifest a spirit of Christian teamwork while training student employees to become successful and skilled workers.