Committee of 100 Dining Hall

The building is named after a group of people, that in 1970, came together to raise funds for the 'new cafeteria' which was completed in 1971.

Our style of service… is buffet and self-served. For the most part customers are welcome to enter and reenter the serving room as they desire. All we ask is that you take only what you can eat and eat what you take. Often the entree (or one of them) is served by a staff member. This is done for items that are labor intensive to create or items that are too expensive for self-service and must be limited to each customer.

Our service is self operated, meaning that all employees are employees of Southwestern Adventist University. SWAU Food Service is a member of the National Association of College and University Food Service, an association of over 700 schools that are self-operated. Our member ship with NACUFS began in 1999. The food service director has been a member of the American Culinary Federation since 1994, the premier association of chef's and had been a certified executive chef since 1999.