Our unlimited-access meal pans and extended hours of service in the Committee of 100 Dining Room offer a social environment, a place of study, and a place to meet and make new friends. Student with meal plans can enter the dining room as many times as they like, but must check with cashier and be scanned in every time.

As in any community environment there are standards of conduct 'rules' that are in place to ensure everyone's communal safety and atmosphere. The dining hall is a student-oriented facility however, at any point in time there are other customers, business partners, University guests, parents, potential students, and others participating in our meal service. The generally acceptable decorum is that all customers act as they would as a guest in another individual's home. As an institution of 'higher' learning part of our expectations include  proper decorum, etiquette, and the "Golden Rule". 

No shirt, no shoes, means no service. The student handbook outlines acceptable dress code. Other items not allowed inside the food service building include, skates, skateboards, bicycles, scooters, and cleats.

Given our 'buffet' style of service we cannot allow food or drink to be taken out of the dining room. Part of offering "unlimited-access" meal plans means that it is now possible reduce our 'carbon footprin't and help in our 'Go Green' initiatives.* We do ask that you eat what you take, and do not take that which you will not eat. Dining room meal service does not provide that any food/beverage be taken out of the dining room. The Rusty Bucket store is the place to purchase snacks or food items to be taken back to your room.

Our dining room is self-bussing. This means that all service ware, trays, utensils, food and drink, and trash must be taken to the tray line before you leave the dining room. Chairs and tables should be left as you find them, (tables unmoved, and chairs set back into place).

Do not bring soiled plates or bowls back to the serving room. Please obtain clean service ware when you return for seconds.



* Going Green: Unlimited access and the elimination of weekly meal counts means that customers no longer have to load up their tray with food items – taking more food than what they can consume. Hopefully the ability to return to the serving room throughout the day, eating as little or as much as you want will actually reduce food waste.