Food Service is the largest on-campus student employer. We rely fully upon student labor to assist in keeping cost of meal plans low. There are over 50 student positions and we accommodate all many types of class schedules. If you are looking to earn a few extra spending dollars or to earn money to go toward your tuition, Food Service has a job for you.

You may download the application or submit applications at any time but we will need your class schedule before you can be hired. Preference is given to returning employees and dormitory students.

10 Reasons to Work in Food Service

  1. Employee special functions!
  2. Flexible work schedules in a fun, friendly environment!
  3. Meet new people, make new friends, and maybe get a date!
  4. Unlike your parents, we pay you to do the dishes!
  5. It's a great resume builder!
  6. You're in college, you're broke, get a job!
  7. Celebrity status… people recognize you!
  8. Impress your date with French Fry cologne!
  9. When you have food, people like you!
  10. With fuel at $3.75 per gallon, why work off campus!

For more information on all Food service job opportunities, contact Chef Greg Sullivan by email at foodservice@swau.edu or call 817-202-6296


At SWAU you have the opportunity to work in several dining operations.

  • Committee of 100 Cafeteria: Choose from servers, food prep assistants, cook's assistants, dish room operators, cleaning and maintenance. Responsibilities and hours are flexible and varied.
  • Rusty Bucket: Learn cashiering, ordering, timely food production, and customer service as well as getting your feet wet in food service. Preference is given to those that have completed at least one semester in SWAU food service.
  • Cashiering: Learn cashiering, be responsible for digital menu information systems, customer relations, enforcement of house procedures and meal plan verification.

Student Manager Program

Food Service offers ample opportunities for job advancement. Regular crew members may apply for  student manager positions with the completion of their first year of work in Food Service. Responsibilities include ordering, information systems management, data entry, job assignments and supervision of other college and high school employees, and scheduling of shifts

Sabbath Observance

Food Service employees are required to work weekends. Southwestern Adventist University is a Seventh-day Adventist institution and exists for training and educating students for the service of God's purpose. With that understanding we believe that it is both appropriate as well as necessary to provide meal service to our dormitory student during Sabbath hours. For dorm students, the campus is their home, thus we must offer meal service during Sabbath. It should be noted that food service does not make and effort to increase business during Sabbath hours. No employee 'wants' to work Sabbath so the division of labor (employees) amongst the weekends is unavoidable.

Work Ethic

Southwestern Adventist University Food Service is an Equal Opportunity Employer meaning that we hire nearly every student that applies. You may ask "What's the catch?" The catch is this, we have a high expectation for attendance. Work/employment at the cafe is work in a production environment. This means that employees that seek to avoid their scheduled shifts put a burden on those that remain for the work must be accomplished and cannot be put off or made-up at a later time.

This unversity was founded, in part, around a work ethic that allowed those that needed to, to be able to work their way through shcool. In today's environment it is rare to find a student that thinks in this manner. Whatever the prevailing thoughts of the "now" generation the fact that 'work" is a good thing remains unchanged. Even, if only for a moment, you consider the Biblical 4th Commandment it demonstrates that rest was only one day a week. Yet modern society translates 'work' to a 40 hour only period and then does everything to avoid even that.

Simply put, employment in food service requires a high attendance level. We have heard every excuse or reason to avoid a scehduled shift. The fact is we must serve our meals on time, everytime and we employee students to that end.