7 day + RB  $1900 per semester, includes $150 for Rusty Bucket (for the 2015-2016 term)
Cafe 22DB 
  $1100 per semester. Available balance to purchase either Dining Room meals or Rusty Bucket       (Please Note: This meal plan is not unlimited access. There is a meal charge associated with each entry into the main dining room. Meals are charged a full cash rate.)

All Cafe 22 and Rusty Bucket accounts have a daily spending limit of $36.00. All Cafe 22 and Rusty Bucket accounts are for the account holder only. We do not allow guest meal purchases with either Cafe 22 meal plans nor Rusty Bucket money.

Meal plans are available to any Southwestern student. Meal plans are mandatory for all dormitory students and optional for community students. We encourage community students to compare our 'unlimited access' plans to purchasing and preparing your own meals.

Meal plans begin with supper on the Sunday of registration and conclude on the last day of exams. During vacations that occur within a semester, such as Thanksgiving and Spring Break, only limited/minimal meal service is offered. No Meal service is offered during the Christmas Break.

All meal plans are non-transferable. Meal plan refunds are prorated on a daily basis plus a cancellation fee. Please note that the Cafe 22 plan allows a budget of $68.75 per week (1100/16wk)

All meal plans include Texas State sales tax, currently 8.25%.