Meal plans cannot be shared with anyone else and are for the account holder only.

For all meal plans and guest meals we offer buffet style service. Consequently Southwestern Adventist University does not allow any food/beverage to be taken out of the dining room. Food/beverage that you take from the serving room or food that you bring in from Rusty Bucket must be consumed in the main dining room.

If you are on a 7-day meal plan you can enter the main dining room as often as you wish during open meal serving periods. If you do not have a 7-day RB meal plan you (no unlimited-access) you must pay for a meal 'each' time you enter the dining room. No one is permitted into the dining room without a meal swipe or purchase as the main dining room is for customers only.

Meal plans may be changed after registration at the Food Service Office. There is a transaction fee or $35 for making changes to your meal plan after the first Friday of classes. There is a termination fee of $50 for terminating a meal plan before the end of the semester. Refunds are based upon the number of days you have been registered for your particular meal plan and the official date you moved out of dorm or school withdrawal date. 

With the 7-day RB meal plan Rusty Bucket dollars are for the Rusty Bucket operation only. There is but one exception; if you wish to purchase a meal for an immediate family member (that is not currently enrolled) you may elect to pay for that meal using Rusty Bucket dollars. Rusty Bucket accounts have a daily spending limit of $36.00. Over limit purchase require an immediate cash payment.

With the Cafe 22DB meal plan you can choose use your available balance in Rusty Bucket or for dining room meals as you choose. The Cafe 22 meal plan is for the accoutn holder only and cannot be used to pay for guest meals in the cafeteria dining room. Cafe 22 accounts have a daily spending limit of $36.00. Please note that at $1100 for one semester – when you divide by 16 weeks your budget is $68.75 per week.

Service Policies

In the interest of maintaining a certain level of sanitation and cleanliness we ask that all patron either wash their hands before entering the serving room or use the provided hand sanitizer. We also ask that patrons do not bring soiled dishes back into the serving room for 'seconds'. If you wish to return for seconds please obtain new, clean serviceware. Please use the provided utensil(s) for obtaining food items. Please refrain from eating and drinking in the serving room.

Special Diet

In keeping with Southwestern Adventist University policy, any student with a Food Allergy who needs accommodations will need to provide medical documentation to the Disability Services Office.  Please call the Director of Disability Services, at 817-202-6290, to arrange a confidential appointment.  Accommodations for disabilities are available only as recommended by the Director of Disability Services after review of supporting documentation.




Fines & Other Fees 

In addition to the cost of your meal plans there may be fines or other fees access to you account. The following is a list of  fines/fees and is subject to change without notice.

Taking food or beverage out of the dining room $25

Taking trays, dishes, flatware, or other equipment of out the dining room $25 (per item)

Throwing food or trash, leaving trash/spills or tray at tables (not self bussing) $25

Vandalism $ Materials cost plus labor

Entering main dining room without checking in with the cashier $25

Illegally parked in food service parking area $25

Not having possession of ID Card at Dining Room Entry $2 service fee