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Originally from Seattle, Washington, Chef Greg Sullivan says the Northwest was home for the first 22 years of his life. He started studying mechanical engineering in college. But he says that didn’t go well, so he left for a while. “When I went back, I was going to take classes for nursing, physical therapy or dietetics. Once I got into dietetics, that was it,” he says.

He graduated in 1983 and worked for three years in clinical dietetics before he decided to pursue a B.S. degree in Food Service Management. In 1995 Chef Greg took the American Culinary Federation exam and and became a Certified Executive Chef with the ACF in 1999.

Greg Sullivan, DTR, CEC 817-202-6296

Darla says she did not know how to cook when she got married and married Chef Greg because he could cook! Four years later the opportunity arose for Darla to work (train) with Chef Greg.

As a Sous Chef, Darla is the assistant to the Executive Chef and oversees all food production. Darla oversee training and procedure implementation all while making sure meals are produced to Chef Greg's specifications.

"Without Darla, SWAU foodservice would not be done as effeciently or as well, she is my right-hand!" says Chef Greg.

Darla is an Oregon native and graduated from Milo Academy and attended Walla Walla University. Darla and Greg married in 1988 and have two children.

Darla Sullivan, Sous Chef 817-202-6298


Rachel is a native Texan, born just south of Houston. Reared by a stay-at-home mother Rachel has two sisters and one brother. Having lied in nurmerous Texas locations and attending various school she has resided and attended SDA schools in and around Keene since graduating 8th grade from Alvarado.

Rachel began working at SWAU foodserivce while in academy at CTA and has been employed here ever since, becoming a full-time staff member in 2003. Rachel enjoys, baking and cooking (and loves to share fresh baked cookies). She also enjoys, travel, painting and drawing.

Everyone knows Rachel… or at least, her infectious laughter!

Rachel Durichek, Cook/Supervisor 817-202-6297

Ruthie is a native Texan and is the younger sister of Rachel (above). The Duricheks are a close family and like her sister had moved around Texas and various SDA schools, graduating from elementary school at Elgin, attending CTA.

Ruthie worked in a local restaurant as a baker prior to beginning at SWAU food service in 2009. Ruthie enjoys baking and cooking as wellas photography, travel, and scrapbooking. Her latest travels include New york City, Hawaii, and California.

Ruthie Durichek, Supervisor/ Cook 817-202-6297

Rena worked with Chef Greg at Milo Academy back in the early 90's. While she is a terrific cook. she also has a lot of experience dealing with young people. Rena has worked as an academy dean, a house mother for disadvantaged youth, and a supvsior at the YMCA.

Rena, beginning July 2011, adds depth to our SWAU cooking experience and provides a loving and caring work atmosphere.

Rena Henley, Cook/Supervisor 817-202-6297