Tayshas Culinary Arts

This is an approximation (coloring is off) of the logo for the proposed culinary arts program for Southwestern Adventist University. This program would offer an Associate of Applied Science Degree as well as a certificate program and other culinary/cooking classes geared to the non-culinary student and the community.

Just a preliminary layout of a 7500 sq ft addition to the east end (between the cafe and Scales hall). The upper left shows the existing doors into the main dining room or Rusty Bucket (from lobby). The round tables are in either of the two additional dining rooms. The right side of layout shows the area for the culinary arts program (albiet not complete). There is a chef's demo kitchen in front of a 12 seat classroom and 4 teaching kitchens with a common kitchen area. The lower right corner (outside of the new addition) could be an outdoor kitchen complete with wood-fired ovens and serving area with outdoor courtyard-style dining.

The mission of Tayshas Culinary Arts program is to provide a well-rounded culinary curriculum for all cooking styles within a Christ-centered environment, with an emphasis on healthy lifestyle choices regarding food and beverages.

Our motto: Fabulous dining experiences that are actually good for you!

In ever increasing numbers, restaruant goers are demanding a healthy dining experience that looks fabulous and tastes even better. Southwestern's Adventist heritage has always included healthy lifestyle and nutrition as core values. In the Tayshas Culinary Arts program  students learn to draw from many ethnic traditional cuisines creating food that's good and good for you.

In a world in which almost any food is sold as "healthful", Tayshas' graduates learn the fundamentals of nutrition so they can distinguish fact from fad and fiction, providing their customers with memorable meals that are truly healthy.



Proposed Courses

First Semester

  • Culinary Fundamentals
  • Externship Prep
  • Principles of Active Learning
  • Gastronomy
  • Introduction to Food Science
  • Culinary Math
  • Product Knowledge

Second Semester

  • Introduction to Management
  • English
  • Protien Identification, Fabrication, and Utilization
  • Introduction to Vegetarianism
  • A' La Carte and Banquet Cooking
  • Quantity Food Production
  • Culinary Practical Exam I
  • Externship Registration


  • Religion
  • Externship

Third Semester

  • Baking and Pastry Skill Development
  • Garde Manger
  • Cuisines of the Americas
  • Cuisines of the Mediterranean
  • Cuisines of Asia
  • World Culture and Cuisines
  • Beverage Operations

Fourth Semester

  • Introduction to Customer Service
  • Culinary Practical Exam II
  • Contemporary Restaurant Service
  • Formal Restaurant Service
  • Contempary Restaurant Cooking
  • Formal Restaurant Cooking
  • Cost, Purchasing, and Menu Development